About Jesse

Jesse Glaesman is an accomplished Information Security Architect.  Growing up in the “Big Bang” of the internet he quickly realized the potential for theft, damage and destruction.  From his start as a systems engineer and continuing through a wide range of positions in Security and managerial levels, Jesse has been the key to simplifying and designing security solutions for companies around the world.


Jesse’s Experience

Now with over 18 years in the industry he helps large companies deal with present and upcoming threats by using his deep technical knowledge as well as strategic and tactical insights to see multiple steps ahead, oversee consequences and ultimately provide the best solution combining key elements from the information security, privacy and IT risk management fields.

Jesse previously worked within Berkshire Hathaway building a mature security program that would measure up to his fellow Berkshire subsidiaries, some of the largest companies in the country. Mainly working in manufacturing environments, he has become an expert in architecting network security solutions that not only protect data but people’s lives.

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