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Embracing Global Diversity: The Heart of Akorbi's Mission

At Akorbi, we celebrate the immense value of diversity and the strength found in varied perspectives. Our journey began with a moment of inspiration that propelled our founder, Claudia Mirza, to create a company dedicated to inclusivity. Today, we proudly stand as one of the largest woman-owned language service providers in the U.S.

Our growth story showcases the vast potential of minority and women-led businesses on a global scale. But our work doesn't stop there. We strive for global change, advocating for equity and deepening our commitment to inclusion. Recognized by esteemed organizations like WBENC and NMSDC, we are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive tomorrow.

Diversity Supplier Statistics

  • 94% of organizations with supplier diversity programs report increased client attraction or retention.
  • 133% greater return on procurement investments compared to companies without diverse suppliers.
  • 8.5% average YoY cost savings from partnering with a diversity supplier.
  • over $1 billion in revenue is generated by diverse suppliers annually in the U.S.

Diverse Teams, Diverse Solutions

We don't just have a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policy - it's ingrained in everything we do. Our workforce is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives that lead to innovative solutions. It's no wonder that Akorbi is the 13th-fastest-growing woman-owned/led company globally. Diversity isn't just a strength for us - it's our superpower.

Partnering with a diverse supplier like Akorbi brings tangible benefits. From increased ROI to enhanced innovation and collaboration, businesses value the fresh perspectives and efficiency we bring to the table. When partnering with a diversity supplier, you will benefit from:

Better ROI

Studies indicate a higher return on investment when partnering with diversity suppliers, thanks to their agility, innovation, and unique value propositions.

Market Expansion

Diverse suppliers have intimate knowledge of different demographics, paving the way for market expansion and better consumer relations.

Global Reach

Many diversity suppliers have international networks, enabling businesses to broaden their global reach.

Improved Reputation

Companies that value diversity and inclusion in their supplier base enhance their brand image and reputation.

Compliance & Incentives

Many governmental and private sector contracts require or reward the inclusion of diverse suppliers, leading to potential tax incentives and bid advantages.

Competitive Advantage

In a global market, businesses with a diverse supplier base are often more adaptable, agile, and equipped to face diverse challenges.

Employee Morale & Retention

Supporting diversity can boost employee morale, leading to increased loyalty and better talent retention.

Risk Management

Diversifying the supplier base can spread risk, ensuring that a business isn’t overly reliant on a single supplier.

Why Partner with Akorbi?

At Akorbi, we live and breathe diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). As a business led by women and minorities, we've faced challenges and celebrated successes that have deepened our understanding of DEI. Our experiences have given us a unique viewpoint that we bring into every project.

When you team up with Akorbi, you're getting more than just a partner. You're joining hands with a group that truly gets the importance of DEI. We're passionate about these values and eager to help other businesses embrace them fully.

By partnering with Akorbi, you'll receive:


Unwavering Commitment to DEI

Our DEI policy isn’t just a document; it's at our core. We ensure that respect, communication, and cooperation are included and embedded in all areas of our work culture. Every employee, regardless of their background, feels seen, heard, and valued.

Recognized Excellence

Our journey has received recognition through numerous accolades and certifications. These recognitions aren’t just badges of honor; they are acknowledgments of our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and promoting diversity in every endeavor.

Diverse Supplier Benefits

By partnering with Akorbi, you are given access to a world of innovation and fresh perspectives. Diversity is the key to finding new solutions, and with our diverse team, you gain access to groundbreaking ideas. Our proven track record showcases the tangible ROI benefits that come with a diversified supplier base.

Global Reach, Personal Touch

Our operations span continents, from North America to South America and Europe. This global footprint allows us to offer a unique blend of international insights with a personalized touch. Whether you're in the US, Argentina, Cape Verde, or the Czech Republic, expect tailored solutions that reflect true inclusivity.

Ethical Practices & Social Responsibility

Our commitment extends beyond business. We believe in playing an active role in the communities we operate in, prioritizing ethical practices and championing social causes that align with our values.

Inclusive Recruitment Strategies

Akorbi champions a workforce that reflects the diverse world we live in. By partnering with us, businesses can access our proven strategies for inclusive recruitment, ensuring that talent acquisition processes are unbiased and attract a wide range of candidates.

Your partnership with Akorbi isn’t just a business decision—it's a step towards a more inclusive world. Together, we can ensure that diversity and inclusivity are more than buzzwords; they’re values that drive positive change.

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