Globalize your Brand with Website Localization

At Akorbi, we know that effectively localizing websites requires a careful combination of language expertise, cultural understanding, and technological know-how. Our precise localization process is designed to effortlessly transform your content, design, and functionality, so that your brand's message remains powerful and authentic, no matter where it's heard.

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Key Website Localization Stats:

  • 70% of shoppers are more likely to buy sites written in their native language.
  • 50% of all Google searches are done in non-English languages
  • 20% average traffic increase from localized content
  • 50% average conversion rate increase from localization

Why Localize your Website

Your website is often the first touchpoint for potential customers, making it an important ambassador for your brand. By localizing your website, you not only remove the obstacle of language, but also establish a personal connection with each audience, demonstrating your commitment to their unique needs and preferences. Other key benefits include:

Cultural Resonance

Our experienced linguists and cultural experts ensure that your content not only speaks the language but also resonates with the cultural nuances of your target markets.

Enhanced User Experience

With meticulous attention to design and functionality, we guarantee a consistent and user-friendly experience across languages and devices, cultivating trust and engagement.

SEO Optimization

Our team of linguistic and SEO specialists collaborate to elevate your website's visibility in local search engines, driving organic traffic and potential conversions.

Brand Consistency

We understand the importance of a unified brand image. Our localization process maintains your brand's essence while adapting it seamlessly for diverse audiences.

Efficiency & Timeliness

Akorbi's streamlined workflows, aided by cutting-edge technology, ensure that your localized website is delivered on time and within budget.

Cultural Adaptation

Our in-depth research into local cultures enables us to make nuanced adjustments to your content, avoiding pitfalls and ensuring your message is received as intended.

The True Impact of Website Localization

Website localization isn't just about reaching global markets. It's a game-changer that opens doors to a world of possibilities. By adapting your website to different languages and cultures, you can connect with customers on a deeper level, earning their loyalty and driving conversions. And the benefits don't stop there. With website localization, you can tap into new demographics, expanding your market share and boosting your business. By speaking your customers' language and catering to their unique needs, you effortlessly establish a global brand identity that builds trust and familiarity across boundaries.

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Why Partner with Akorbi?

Akorbi stands as your dedicated partner on this localization journey. Our passion for languages, culture, and technology fuels our commitment to excellence. Here's why collaborating with Akorbi is the best choice:

Holistic Approach

We don't just translate, we transform. Our experts infuse cultural sensitivity into every aspect of your website.

Tailored Solutions

Akorbi understands that your business is unique. We craft personalized strategies that align with your goals and audience.

Global Expertise

With a wide variety of languages at our disposal and a team of industry experts, we provide the global perspective your brand deserves.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Akorbi leverages the latest tools to ensure accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in our localization process.

Proven Track Record

Our portfolio is a testament to our successful collaborations with diverse businesses, driving their international growth.

Scalable Innovation

Our tailored solutions adapt to your specific objectives and audience, ensuring your website's localization strategy is primed for success.

Akorbi's Expert Localization Process

At Akorbi, we understand that successful website localization requires a delicate balance of linguistic accuracy, cultural insight, and technological finesse. Our meticulous localization process is designed to seamlessly adapt your content, design, and functionality, ensuring your brand's message resonates across borders while maintaining its authenticity.

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Phase 1. Comprehensive Analysis

Our journey begins with a thorough analysis of your website's content, design, and functionality. This initial step allows us to identify cultural sensitivities, linguistic nuances, and technical requirements that need to be addressed.

Phase 2. Cultural Research

To truly capture the hearts of your target audience, we delve deep into the cultures you're targeting. This research empowers us to make informed decisions on content adaptation, imagery selection, and design choices that resonate with local preferences.

Phase 3. Transcreation

We go beyond word-for-word translation. Our skilled linguists transcreate your content, artfully adapting it while preserving your brand's essence. This ensures that your message not only makes sense but also evokes the intended emotional response.

Phase 4. Design and Functional Adaptation

Our expert designers work to ensure that the visual appeal and functionality of your website are maintained across languages and devices. This holistic approach guarantees a seamless user experience, regardless of the audience's location.

Phase 5: SEO and Localization Harmony

Our team of linguistic and SEO specialists collaborates to optimize your content for local search engines. By strategically incorporating keywords and search phrases, we enhance your website's visibility, attracting organic traffic.

Phase 6: Quality Assurance and Testing

Our rigorous quality assurance process involves meticulous proofreading, linguistic validation, and functionality testing. This ensures that every aspect of your localized website meets our stringent standards and aligns with your objectives.

Phase 7: Client Collaboration

We value your insights and feedback throughout the process. Our collaborative approach ensures that your vision remains at the forefront, and your brand's integrity is maintained.

Phase 8: Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of deadlines. With a focus on efficiency and streamlined workflows, we guarantee the timely delivery of your localized website without compromising on quality.

Phase 9: Continuous Support

Our partnership doesn't end with delivery. We provide ongoing support to address any queries or adjustments required post-localization, ensuring a smooth transition for your global audience.

Phase 10: Post Localization Analysis

We evaluate the success of our localization efforts, gauging user engagement, conversion rates, and overall satisfaction. This analysis helps us refine our strategies for even more impactful future collaborations.

Ready to Take Your Brand Global?

Step into the world of website localization with Akorbi. Our tailored solutions, cultural expertise, and cutting-edge technology ensure your brand's message resonates authentically across languages and cultures. From enhanced user experiences to expanded market reach, we're here to amplify your global impact. Begin your localization journey today and unlock the full potential of international growth.

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