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Aug 14

The Future of Healthcare and the Role Language Services Will Play in Improved Patient Outcomes

The Future of Healthcare and the Role Language Services Will Play in Improved Patient Outcomes

Healthcare is a field that requires communication and understanding between all parties involved – doctors, patients, nurses, technicians, etc. Unfortunately, language barriers can often impede progress in healthcare environments. This issue has been growing in prevalence as the healthcare industry continues to become increasingly globalized. Language services are now being implemented to facilitate multilingual conversations so that everyone can communicate more effectively and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Here are five ways language services will play a pivotal role in the evolution of healthcare:

Personalized Patient Care Through Multilingual EHRs: Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are a great way to store patient data in one place, but when language barriers are present, it can be difficult to create accurate records that truly capture the needs of the patient. Language services can provide quality translations and automate multilingual EHRs so medical staff can provide personalized care for all patients.

Telemedicine Breaks Language Barriers:  Telemedicine is a major game changer in the healthcare industry, providing convenient access to medical advice and treatments for individuals all over the world. In addition to enabling cross-border healthcare delivery, telemedicine also allows medical professionals and patients to communicate easily with each other. To further improve the efficacy of telemedicine, integrating language services is essential. Translating in real-time using these services can help ensure accurate communication between all parties involved, resulting in optimal telemedicine interactions.

Platforms, such as ADAPT, have revolutionized the industry, offering patients the opportunity to access healthcare through video or phone calls. This multimodal platform offers users convenient and secure access with features such as automated translation and more. They work as powerful tools for connecting medical professionals and patients, allowing them to communicate accurately and confidently no matter what language they use.

AI-Powered Translation for Faster Diagnoses:  Artificial intelligence is becoming more important to the healthcare industry, and its use in language services can be a great asset. AI-powered translators can produce accurate translations quickly so that medical staff are able to diagnose patients faster. However, it's important to remember that human oversight is still necessary for many complex tasks; while AI translation can help cut down on wait times, a human in the loop approach is necessary to ensure that translations are accurate.

Translations for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices: In order to be approved by national regulatory bodies, pharmaceuticals and medical devices must be labelled with clear instructions in all languages of operation. Language services can help medical device companies create translated versions of labels quickly so they can get their product to market faster.

Cultural Sensitivity Training: Language can be a major obstacle when it comes to cultural sensitivity in healthcare. Language services can provide the necessary training for medical staff so they understand how to interact with patients from different backgrounds or cultures, thereby creating an inclusive and safe environment for all.

Global Collaboration for Research and Treatment: The pace at which medical advancements are made is staggering, and sharing these breakthroughs across borders is essential. Language services act as a conduit for this exchange, making sure that intricate details and findings are communicated effectively, allowing professionals to build upon each other's work.

Improving the Patient Experience through Language Services

At Akorbi, we believe in providing the best possible language services to ensure accurate and effective communication for healthcare providers. Our team of professionals is dedicated to bridging language barriers and providing solutions for all types of medical applications. We understand the importance of connecting people from different countries and cultures through a shared language, so they can work together towards improving global health outcomes. Contact us today to learn more.

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