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Sep 14

Team Member Spotlight: Michael Fernandez, IT Technical Support Specialist

Akorbi Team Member Spotlight: Get to Know Michael!

In our continuing series that shines a light on the dynamic individuals powering Akorbi's achievements, we're thrilled to present Michael Fernandez. Michael, an adept IT specialist with a knack for versatility and team spirit, is a key player in our IT department. We sat down with Michael and asked him a few questions to delve deeper into his experience with Akorbi. Here are his answers:

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Akorbi?

Michael: What stands out most is the unique remote collaboration at Akorbi. This is my first experience with such an extensive virtual team setup. It's remarkable to witness how everyone comes together digitally, and the organization thrives in such innovative ways. The recent opening of the El Paso, Texas site was also a highlight for me. The blend of physical and remote collaboration to ensure the success of the site launch was truly commendable.

Q: How would you describe your day-to-day tasks?

Michael: My role in IT is pretty dynamic. No two days are the same. While the El Paso site is gradually getting on its feet, I mostly find myself managing and troubleshooting everything from the computer systems on our production floor to staff printers and equipment. That also includes organizing our IT closet (which, I confess, I've occasionally cluttered!) and responding to Akorbi’s support tickets. But beyond specific tasks, I always aim to be a team player and assist wherever there's a need.

Q: Who inspires and motivates you?

Michael: When it comes to inspiration, my immediate thought is family. They are our anchors, our reasons for pushing boundaries, and our motivation for seeking a brighter future. We all want to offer them a better life, and provide what perhaps we didn't have while growing up. So, yes, my family is my driving force. Their unwavering support and belief have been my strength, especially during challenging times.

Q: Could you share a fun fact about yourself?

Michael: Years ago, I worked as a graphic designer at a small local print shop, another woman-owned business much like Akorbi. That job was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had. Apart from my daily responsibilities, my boss, who was also the business owner, significantly influenced my professional demeanor. She honed my customer service abilities and molded my work ethics. Principles like diligence, accountability, punctuality, and going the extra mile for clients became second nature. Moreover, self-learning various applications, understanding equipment, and integrating them to produce items like business cards or sophisticated restaurant menus were fascinating. Not to forget, my self-taught computer skills from when I was 12 laid the foundation for where I am today.

Michael's narrative offers a window into Akorbi's ethos—a workplace where innovation blends with teamwork, and professional growth is nurtured alongside personal achievements. Michael's commitment to Akorbi, combined with his continuous learning attitude, exemplifies the values we uphold. Stay with us for our next team member spotlight!

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