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Oct 27

Akorbi's Mission in Making Healthcare Accessible for All



Making Healthcare Easily Accessible for All

For individuals who don't speak the same language as their healthcare providers or cannot physically visit a healthcare office, receiving proper treatment and care can be daunting. This challenge is compounded by the risk of misunderstandings or miscommunications, which can lead to inadequate diagnosis or treatment. At Akorbi, we recognize the importance of overcoming these challenges and making healthcare accessible for everyone. As a leader in language services, our goal is to provide solutions that connect patients and healthcare providers.


Connecting Cultures through Language Services

With a portfolio of over 170 languages, Akorbi has the tools to serve a diverse patient population. Our interpreters, proficient in various languages and cultures and industry-specific lingo, facilitate effective communication through interpretation sessions. This ensures that patients can clearly convey their symptoms and concerns, with someone who understands, leading to improved treatment outcomes.


Compliance and Security

Adhering to stringent standards, Akorbi is proud to hold ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 17100 certifications, reflecting our commitment to quality and security. We are also fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of patient information. Our team is adept at handling sensitive medical data, maintaining patient privacy and earning the trust of healthcare providers.


The ADAPT Advantage

ADAPT is Akorbi's advanced multimodal language portal, designed to significantly streamline and optimize healthcare communication across diverse languages and cultures. Recognizing the critical importance of clear communication in healthcare settings, this state-of-the-art platform integrates over-the-phone and video interpretation capabilities. It goes beyond this by also including text-based translation services to cater to the varying needs of healthcare providers and patients alike.

One of the standout features of ADAPT is its intuitive user interface. Even individuals unfamiliar with technology find it easy to navigate and use, ensuring that they can promptly get the language assistance they need. This is crucial in medical situations where every minute counts.

But the platform isn’t just about technology; at its core are Akorbi's skilled interpreters and translators to ensure that all interpretation sessions and translations are precise, culturally sensitive, and align with the specific requirements of healthcare communication. The combination of innovative technology and human expertise makes ADAPT a cornerstone in making healthcare more accessible and efficient for everyone involved.


RunMyProcess Low-Code Technology

When you integrate Akorbi's language services through the RunMyProcess low code platform, you can improve the patient experience further, particularly in terms of accessibility and ease of communication. This technology ensures that language services are seamlessly woven into the patient's healthcare journey. When a patient in need of language assistance enters the healthcare system, the integration facilitated by RunMyProcess triggers an immediate, smooth response. This means there is no disruptive waiting or complicated steps to access language support. The patient's need for an interpreter or translation services is anticipated and addressed as part of the standard care process, making their experience feel more personalized and attentive.


Improving and Expanding Our Services

We prioritize cultural sensitivity in our training to ensure compassionate and understanding communication. Our focus is on delivering customized healthcare solutions that cater to the specific requirements of the medical field and seamlessly integrate with healthcare systems. We're available round the clock, ready to assist in emergency medical situations and accommodating different time zones.

We're passionate about community outreach and patient education, working towards increasing awareness of the importance of language services in healthcare. Additionally, we're committed to the ongoing professional development of our interpreters, keeping them up-to-date with the latest medical terminology and practices.

Feedback from patients and providers is a vital part of our commitment to continuous improvement. It helps us maintain the highest quality of service. Our collaborations with healthcare institutions further demonstrate our integration within the broader healthcare system and establish us as a trusted provider of language services.


Access Quality Healthcare Communication with Akorbi

Akorbi firmly believes that everyone should have access to quality healthcare, no matter what language they speak or what culture they come from. Our mission is to make healthcare easily accessible for all. With our range of language services and compliance standards, we are dedicated to providing effective communication solutions that enhance the overall patient experience. Contact us today to get started.

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